This is what you get 

...when you knit with black yarn

You can see where I wrap the yarn around my pinky and ring finger. I'm not sure why it's so black up near my fingertips. The tips of my fingernails are pretty black/blue too. People must think I am really, really dirty but I'm actually a handwashing maniac.

Just to please Julia FC: Oh glory be! I am very papuliferous lately. One might think I was an adolescent. At least I am not dasypygal. I was so happy this morning because I found a pocket book that I had forgotten I own. Dearie! There are a bunch of hussies shaking their fannies on MTV. I'm not hep to that. Sorry Julia. I'm too tired to write as beautifully as you. I would have liked to work in swell and dreamy as well. I'm sure you can do a better job. Show 'em how it's done.


The right tool does the trick 

My apologies to anyone who was the victim of my grumpiness the other day. I'm fine now. Have terrible allergies, but I'm not grumpy.

I was knitting with some of the Rowan Polar (which I think is one of the causes of my sneeziness) I bought the other day. For lack of US size 11/8mm needles in the house I was using my Denise interchangeable needles which I love but I had the feeling that even though I was knitting with this fat yarn and big needles, it was taking forever. I knit much faster on straight needles or even dpns. I'm one of those needle under the arm girls. Any of you with me? Yesterday I stopped off at Phildar and got myself some straights. Now I'm cooking with gas! It's much, much better. I'm working on a big, snuggly sweater. Too bad I wasn't knitting at the gauge I had expected and the hole for the neck was the size of Texas and had to rip it all out. There aren't even any decent pictures to show.


Champagne wishes and knitting dreams 

I had a dream last night about a project I'm designing. It was only later this morning that I realized that I hadn't knit the whole thing and I don't know yet how to make it look like what I dreamed of. Unfortunately, I can't even remember exactly what it looked like in my dream. Worked on my stole a little bit this weekend and bought liquid bandaids (thanks for the suggestion Kim) to cover up my allergic fingers.

Lace along news: Jaimi finished her project super fast and is starting a second. Caroline finished hers too.

I ate more butter this weekend than I eat in most months. Heart disease, here I come. Wedding planning and November in July weather are making me grumpy. I should probably start a grump along. Must try to control myself and not put more negativity out in the world... too... hard... want... to... rant!


Nevers Nevers land 

Off to Nevers for the weekend. There's little knitting to report so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took last time I was there.

This is what the weather was like most of the time.
As the French say, "It was falling ropes."

This is part of the town seen from
a garden outside the wall of the old city.

My mother-in-law watching for enemies.

I just loved this head. It was tiny and sticking out
just above the number on a building. I thought she
looked so happy and cute. I wonder what the
rest of the sculpture looked like.

Well, I'm packing up my stole, my cashmerino project and some random balls of yarn to do tests with. We'll see if I get anything done. Sometimes the frog doesn't like when I knit in the car since that means I talk less. Of course, if I don't knit, I usually fall dead asleep. Happy weekend to everyone! Stay cool.


55 minutes 55 euros 

I went to the Bon Marché today. I really wanted to find some orange yarn because I have an idea for a sweater and I keep imagining it in orange. Red doesn't seem right. It's orange I want. Guess what. It aint gonna happen! Found orange, but it was all red orange, or yellow orange, or poopy orange. No nice, regular, not too bright, not dull orange. Actually I did find one skein that was kind of nice but the yarn was super duper scratchy so I said forget it. So instead, I walked out with this:

Off-white Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere
Black Rowan Calmer
Apple Green Rowan wool cotton
Rowan Polar in Silver Lining (really pretty silvery light blue)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes smaller needles, but keeping in mind that not all of us are masochists, I looked carefully at thicker yarns and walked away only with things calling for US 5 and higer. Polar uses 11s! I don't think I have even used anything that big! Yes, I only got one skein of each. I know, I know, it's not enough to make anything, but it's enough to play with until I decide what I like and what I'm making. Of course my stash is full of balls I bought to play with. I'm going to have to start doing a lot of intarsia or something to clean it out a bit (or making those afghan squares for the Mason-Dixon ladies I keep meaning to make - I feel so guilty!). After Bon Marché, I went to WH Smith English bookstore hoping to get some magazines. They were redoing their whole magazine section so you had to stand in line and ask for the magazine you might want. I said forget it since flipping through magazines is half the pleasure and walked out with the David Sedaris's new book instead.

11:39 pm update: Finished the book. I had already heard some of the essays on This American Life (which I love) but it was a good way to avoid cleaning my house for a couple hours. Also, I feel the need to proclaim that I adore Caroline and hope I get to see her again soon and actually talk to her more this time! I like the idea that there is a French chick out there in the states, eating rice-a-roni and missing her petits-suisses and figuring out American culture with an American husband, while I'm sitting here eating 1848 76% chocolat noir and missing rice-a-roni while trying to figure out the French with my French fiancé.



Let me ask you a little question: Who here doesn't mind knitting with size 3 needles? and who here thinks they are too darned small?

I ask because I'm designing something new and I love it. And I'm making it on US3/3.25mm needles. Like I said in my last post, I found something I wasn't happy with and decided to start over. When I made it the first time, it was zooming by. I couldn't believe how fast it was going! Now, the second time around, I feel like I'm moving at a snail's pace and I wonder if the relatively small needles might not be too discouraging for others. Not that I expect a million (or even 20) people to want to make it or anything! I just wondered who was a small needle lover, like me. I use a lot of smaller needles. I like having a thinner fabric that drapes nicely. Knitting with bigger needles can be satisfying when it goes quickly, but more and more I'm drawn to projects with smallish needles.

A big thanks! to you ladies who kindly offered to send me needles I can't get over here! Maybe I'll take you up on it some day! And thanks! to all of you for your encouragements on my stole!

And now I will share a very fancy, recipe with you:

Birthday Cake Cheese
1) Get cheese.
2) Cut small cube.
3) Stick in candle.
4) Celebrate.

It was my frog's birthday last week. We were busy and he likes cheese better than cake anyway, so I whipped this up at the last minute. He was thrilled.



length: 18" / 46cm
repeats worked: 4.6
level of fed-up-edness: 1 out of 10
days left: 76
finger allergy index: 1 out of 10

in other news: I restarted my black thing I'm making because I'm a perfectionist like that, so I guess it will be a while before you all see it. That's my only other project right now because I have about a million ideas, not enough time, nor the needles I need, nor the yarn I need, nor a good store with a big selection to go to. I'm not complaining. I'm just stating fact. France has great restaurants and lots of lovely things to see, but a lousy selection of knitting needles and few yarns that are internationally available. I should open a store here just to supply myself with the things I want.



My stole was going swimmingly, until 2 am last night. I had started my second ball of yarn and then I noticed this funny little spot on the seed stitch border. I had dropped a stitch about 3 inches back. The thought of ripping 3 inches of this stuff sounded too painful and I couldn't bear the idea of just cutting it to get back to the mistake and starting from there. Instead, I took the tail from the first ball and wove it down through the stitches, caught the nasty little loop, and hid the mistake. Then I increased one stitch in the border to make up for the one I lost. My scanner doesn't want to cooperate so I'll post a photo later. I've created a poll in the sidebar so you can tell me what you think of my laziness. If you don't like any of the responses I have provided for you, feel free to leave a comment.

Poll Results
Out of 46 votes, 40 (86.95%) of you agreed with my choice of not ripping, 14 of whom thought this was a healthy psychological sign. 6 of you (13.05%) of you thought I should have ripped, 2 of whom thought that my lack of perfect knitting is a sign of eventual divorce. Thanks for your opinions! To see the results for yourself and verifying that I am not guilty of electoral fraud or whatever, go here.


this is not July 

I am FREEZING! I swear! It's cold and rainy out. It feels like November.

I went back to my old projects. I went from knitting with silk on US size 8s to knitting with cashmerino and silk/mohair (2 projects) on US size 3s. I feel like I am knitting with twine on sewing needles. It's not so nice. Both of the projects I'm working on right now use extraordinarily soft yarn, it's just compared to the silk, they might as well be barbed wire. I made some progress on my stole yesterday and today (and since you said even one inch of progress is worth posting), here is a picture:

length: 14.5" / 37cm
repeats worked: 3.5
level of fed-up-edness: 0.5 out of 10
days left: 80

I think I'm allergic to the Kidsilk Haze. When I knit, I usually wrap the yarn around my pinky finger for tension. I have these little blisters in between my pinky and ring fingers! YUCK!


ahhh and eeek 

Ahhhhhh is the sound of me relaxing for the first time in forever. Eeek! is the sound of me freaking out when I realize all of the things I have to do. I am ignoring the eeek! today and in spite of that, I have managed to get one thing done. It's the Lorna's Laces thing. Yes I am purposefully vague. If you want to know more you will have to go read the comments from my last post. I will say no more before September. Now I can finally get back to my poor, neglected Baltic Sea Stole. 82 days left to do it. Eeek eeek eeeeeeeeek!

For your viewing enjoyment, here is a photo of a sweater and hat that my boyfriend's mother ordered for my boyfriend's sister's ex-boyfriend's sister's daughter, Emma. (did you get all that?)

Emma's got a pretty big head so the hat fit her fine even when the cardigan was too big. Oh well. She'll be able to wear it next year without the sleeves rolled up. I'm going to try to get the pattern written out in August.


sneak peek 

I thought I would give a little look at what I have been working on. So here is preview number 1:

This is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and the reason that my hands and needles are turning colors. My hands were so blackish-blue the other day that a doctor inspected them nervously until I insisted it was from knitting. Between that and the huge bruise on my butt (fell down the stairs) I was afraid she would call social services on me or something.

And preview number 2:

This is Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. It is the softest natural fiber yarn I have ever touched in my life. I thought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino was soft. I thought Rowan Calmer was soft. This is SOFT! It knits up really fast too. My swatch has turned into something of monster proportions. I am not usually like that. And as embarassing as it is to admit, I keep rubbing it on my face. Yesterday I was in the subway and just dying to do it. The Well-Behaved-in-Public-Kate was insisting that people were already looking at me because knitting in public is pretty non-existant here and smashing your face into a piece of knit cloth is ridiculous, but the Drank-Two-Kirs-On-An-Empty-Stomach-Katie was saying, "who gives a damn!" Finally, if my fuzzy memory is correct, I rubbed it on my face, but just a little.

Notice I didn't mention my Baltic Sea Stole?

<--- 2 new lace alongers: Bonne Marie and Jaimi.
Happy 4th of July. Any Rochesterians out there: eat a Zweigle's for me. Buffalonians: Eat a Sahlen's at Ted's for me. Those of you who are not fortunate enough to know the only hot dogs I will actually eat: Remember that red fireworks are red because of potassium perchlorate and blue ones use copper. My dad is a chemist and used to tell us that kind of stuff while we were watching fireworks. (Hi Dad! Did I remember the elements correctly?)


Knitty is here 

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mon petit chou

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