Nice sock 

I'm going to be late for work if I take too long so I'm writing this quickly.
My cousin got married in Scotland in September and most of the guys (my cousin, included) were in kilts and all that stuff. Part of the whole outfit is the kilt sock. Along with wondering who was a real man and who had chosen to wear underwear, I was checking out the kilt socks. Most looked machine made and just ok. Then there was Martin. His were lovely. They were handmade and his mom, also a knitter, had bought them in the Shetland Islands. I started thinking how I should make gorgeous kilt socks for my cuz and Martin started talking about how he wanted some new ones and asking me to make them. He just sent me one and I'm trying to figure out if I want the job. Here's me in my kilt tartan miniskirt modeling them.

They're actually pretty scratchy. I'm trying to figure out if I have time and the skill to do this. Here's my dirty knitting secret: I have second sock sydrome, BAD. Meaning I have started many socks, but I have only ever completely finished ONE, ever. And I've never designed one. Gotta run. I'll show you some of the sock details later.

Later: I'm not sure if I was clear since I was in such a rush, but here's the rest of the story. I would have to make 2 pairs of socks. One for the groom and one for the best man. He wants them in black. Any suggestions for a good yarn to use or what kind of yardage these would take? Judging by the scratchiness of these, I don't think he's looking for luxury yarn. I found out that I'm a big liar. They have sock yarn at Phildar, or at least something that could pass as sock yarn. It only comes in ugly colors and black. So that might work. I'm not sure I really want to work with it. It seems a little squeaky. If I want anything else, I'll probablly have to order it from the states. Here are some photos of details.

Oh yeah, and Anne Caroline's comment just reminded me that Martin said, "No need to worry greatly re holding up as we have the little elasticated clips to hold them up above the calf (we men also have our secrets!). We call them flashes..."


Out of my hare 

Sorry for the cheesy joke, but...

and I am singing The Bunny is Done song.
I won't torture you. You'll just have to imagine it.
My apologies to those who were waiting for it for way too long
and my thanks to my wonderful test knitters, Kim, Jackie, Jo
and blurb-writer, Lee Ann.

Yesterday, I had a little knitting get-together for anglophones. It was kind of last minute, but Abigail, Nadia and Sarah still made it.

Here's Nadia, Sarah and me.
I forgot to get out the camera while Abigail was still here,
but you can go see her at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore in the Marais.

It was nice to hang out with them and chat in English!



From left to right: Medium Bunny, Little Bunny #1, Little Bunny #2, a Laura sleeve for √Čvann which would fit, but he will quickly outgrow so I have to frog that, and on the right, my swatch using the Dandy I bought the other day. I knit a lot yesterday but I still feel like I got relatively little done. Not shown are 2 big bunnies that have been frogged. I can't count so I keep having to start over. I didn't even get the pattern out to test knitters. At least my sore throat is gone. Though in a way I wish it wasn't so I could justify calling in sick and spending all afternoon knitting again. Sounds like there are a lot of flus and colds going around. I hope you all are feeling well! btw the photo was taken at a bit of a weird angle. That's why the bunnies have big butts and little ears.



F R A N K E N B U N N Y !

Bunny's not quite alive, but I'm hoping to send it out to some wonderful test knitters tonight. The above Frankenbunny is an old, rejected version knit in scrap yarn.

If you like Gifted, there is also a scarf that can be made to go with it. You can find it in the November newsletter over at Magknits. Sharon (somewhere out there) has been knitting up the mittens as gifts to a women's shelter. I'm so thrilled! If anyone has links to shelters or organizations that accept knitted mittens and such, put them in the comments and I'll list them here so any of us in a giving mood can participate.

...off to finish playing Dr. Frankenstein.
And oh yeah! If you like French blogs, go check out Sophie's Tricot Frankenstein. If you scroll down far enough you can see our Thursday night knitting group and me attempting to hide my horrible hair under a hat.


Number 14 on my list 

Here's the yarn I bought on Saturday:

The white stuff is Bouton d'or Dandy (70% wool, 30% silk) which is going to become a sweater. I've already started swatching and the swatch is quickly becoming scarf-like. There's one ball of the "butter" DB cashmerino aran just in case (yes, I know. I never did anything with the stash of it I already have. The sad thing is my capelet pattern is already written. It's just not knit and correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that everyone is a little capelet and poncho-ed out.) And there's a bunch of rowan wool cotton to make Laura for a boy. Yeah. I know it's called "Laura" but it could be for a boy, you know! Maybe I should change the name to Lauren... or Laurence (which is a girl's name in French) or... Pat. Of course, I made the sweater for Laura and changing the name would screw up the whole I-name-my-knits-after-the-people-who-receive-them thing. OK, OK, you caught me! I'm a liar! I made the sweater for Laura's daughter, but I can't remember her name for the life of me and we're no longer in touch.

I've decided that mulled cider is my new, favorite morning beverage. OK, I'm a liar. There is no cider in France. Correction: There is hard cider (yuck). There is no cider like us Western New Yorkers know and Frog is incapable of distinguishing between juice and cider. I use "BioPom" apple juice which is actually kind of cidery and just heat it with some cinamon, cloves and sugar. Et voila! Lazy mulled apple cider to make my sore throat happy.


Call me a copy-cat 

1. I can drink a liter of water faster than you could ever imagine possible.
2. I spend most of winter freezing my butt off and wearing really ugly fuzzy purple pants in order to combat the cold that is constantly creeping into my house.
3. I made the pants myself.
4. My favorite colors are red and orange.
5. I like pink and purple too, but I'm picky about them.
6. and a lot of blues are nice...
7. I wore green a lot in 8th grade. I haven't worn it very much since.
8. The notable exception is my apple green coat.
9. Ok. fine. I like pretty much every color except yellow.
10. And teal. I hate teal!
11. And I never wear brown. I just don't feel right in it.
12. Last time I washed my slippers, they didn't want to dry. I put them in the oven. They dried. My oven smelled like leathery feet for days.
13. I do stupid things like that some times.
14. I just spent A LOT of money on yarn yesterday.
15. I can't even consider joining the YNBA, regardless of the size of my stash.
16. I feel a lot of pressure to finally come through with one of my ideas and use the yarn I bought.
17. I'm afraid of failing.
18. I hate making mistakes.
19. I hate being corrected.
20. I'm trying really hard to get over this.
21. Living in a foreign country and not speaking the language 100% fluently is forcing me to.
22. I love speaking French.
23. But I wish I didn't have an accent.
24. Or at least less of one.
25. I think the French aren't as rude as everyone says.
26. And I don't find French accents cute or sexy anymore.
27. I like sitting around in my pajamas.
28. I take REALLY hot showers.
29. I love baths.
30. Unfortunately, I don't have a bathtub.
31. I've been married for 2 months and 3 days.
32. People started bugging us for grandchildren AT the wedding.
33. They shouldn't hold their breath. It ain't gonna happen this year.
34. Seven of my friends had babies in 2003.
35. Hanging out with some of them gives me baby fever.
36. Hanging out with others makes me want to get my tubes tied.
37. I'm might be hard on my friends and family.
38. But I'm much harder on myself.
39. I don't like eating sweet stuff for breakfast.
40. I have a huge sweet tooth that must kick in around noon.
41. I don't like milk chocolate.
42. I love dark chocolate (preferably above 76%)
43. I rarely drink soda.
44. In the area I come from, we call it "pop"
45. I only started saying "soda" when I moved to NYC.
46. I hate cola
47. But I love the occasional cream soda, orangina or root beer.
48. Drinking pop makes me hiccup right after the first sip.
49. I need some new shoes.
50. I can't find any I really like.
51. I'm picky.
52. I love to cook.
53. It's practically impossible to cook in my kitchen. It's too damned small.
54. The first day I cooked in this apartment I burnt my hand, dropped a pan on the floor and melted a circle into the linoleum.
55. And I couldn't find the sugar at the super market, so I ended up taking sugar cubes and crushing them. (see number 7)
56. Frog thinks I'm a clutz.
57. He might be right.
58. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
59. I hate the swarms of people in the stores around Christmas.
60. I work right behind one of the biggest department stores in town.
61. This makes me hate slow moving crowds even more.
62. Plus I don't like shopping very much.
63. Sometimes I wish I were wealthy so I could wear gorgeous clothes.
64. But I hope if I were wealthy I would do something more worthwile with my money than blow it all on couture.
65. I walk REALLY fast.
66. I wish I knit really fast.
67. One day when I was 15 or 16 I decided I wanted to learn to knit - just like that.
68. That night I went and bought crappy needles and some lousy yarn and got some books out of the library.
69. I taught myself.
70. The first thing I made was a scarf that was (unintentionally) full of holes and had wavy sides.
71. My mom could never figure out why I knit.
72. A couple years ago we got a copy of a letter written by my grandpa talking about how my dad's mom was a huge knitter.
73. I never knew her.
74. Now my mom thinks I knit because it's something in my blood or my genes or my soul that I must have gotten from my grandma.
75. I also sew.
76. And I dabble in quilting.
77. And I can crochet, but I'm not nuts about it.
78. I used to make Ukrainian Easter eggs.
79. And beads from sculpty.
80. And do pottery.
81. And make paper
82. And do about a zillion other crafts.
83. I love dogs.
84. I hate cats.
85. I'm really allergic to them.
86. I'm a libra.
87. So are most of my friends.
88. I don't like sandwiches so much.
89. I love traveling.
90. But don't get to travel as much as I'd like.
91. I think that kind of sucks since I'm sitting practically in the middle of Europe.
92. I hate talking about laundry and housekeeping.
93. I hate doing it too.
94. I think everyone should play these games - Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America
95. I usually spend my weekends knitting and listening to wnyc.
96. I'm afraid that makes me an anti-social loser.
97. The grey and rainy weather this year is making me really bummed.
98. I wasn't going to make one of these lists.
99. Then Julia said I should and I enjoyed reading Maryse's
100. It was harder than I thought.


work work work 

That's all I do lately. But I finished this yesterday:

Bunny on top of Frog's Beetlejuice Scarf

Thanks for all of your nice comments on Clapotis. Sorry I haven't had time to write people back lately. I'm late for work now, so I have to run!


Clapotis Tips 

I'm so thrilled that people like clapotis. I never expected it. And I keep stumbling across it on people's blogs and hearing the same things, so I just thought I would give a general response to everyone everywhere at once.

My three Clapotis mottos:
1. curling is good
2. block schmock
3. WS is nicer

In other words: Yes, it curls when you're making it, but when it's all done, I like that it curls around. I actually purposfully twist it before putting it on so the dropped stitches flow and move more. I would never dream of blocking it because I like the way it curls and the dropped stitches pop. I would be afraid of stiffening them up or straightening them out. And the Rev St st side is my favorite. It shows the dropped sts more. I'm not telling you NOT to block... you do as you see fit. I wouldn't block it, but I would rarely follow a designer's pattern or instructions as written so do what you like... but don't bother blocking.

And oh yeah... I'd like to add a 4th thing to the list and restate that it's pronounced "clap-o-TEEEEEE." Think "cup o' TEA!" Pronouncing it cla-POT-iss does sound like a nasty STD or something. Sorry. I'll pick more pronounceable names from now on.

And yes. It is 5:35 am and I have already been awake for nearly an hour. I don't know why. I might eat stuffing for breakfast.

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