I want to knit the cardigan for Merry, how do i get the charts?

The pattern for Merry is an adaptation for smaller sizes of a pattern Kate wrote called the Cardigan for Arwen. If you would like to make this pattern in any size, please purchase the Arwen pattern.

Is Peapod ready

While this is definitely on Kate’s long to-do list, Peapod is not currently available. It will be available eventually but there is not specific date yet.

I am having a problem with a pattern

For any of my self-published patterns, please send a note through the Contact form. For help with Twist Collective patterns, please contact their customer service.

I found an error in Clapotis

Over the years, over 20,000 Clapotis have been knit, by knitters from around the world. Since the pattern has been so well vetted, I’m confident that it is free of errors, at this point. I’d encourage you to join the ravelry group for this pattern and search the threads for your concern.

Where is the Clapotis chart/spreadsheet?

I am not the author of the spreadsheet and do not distribute or provide support for it. Check the Clapotis ravelry group for more information.

What copyright/terms of use apply to your patterns?

Patterns are available for your own, personal, non-commercial use.

Help! I lost my pattern.

Use the Contact form and send me the details including the pattern name and the email you used when you purchase the pattern.