How to make a Pompon


Using a compass, draw 2 circles on cardboard.
2.25in/6cm diameter for a big pompon or 1.5in/4cm diameter for a smaller pompon


Draw a circle in the middle of each circle
1.25in/3cm diameter for a big pompon or .625in/1.5cm diameter for a smaller pompon


Cut on the lines so you have 2 doughnuts.


Put the doughnuts together.


Thread a needle with several strands of yarn and start wrapping the doughnuts together.


  6. When your donut hole is nearly gone, cut the yarn around the circumference of the doughnuts.  
  7. Tie a length of yarn in between the doughnuts. Tie it tight! Pull or cut off the doughnuts. Fluff, trim your pompon and attach.  
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